Home 24 Composition

The Composition mobile home is characterized by the fact that you can buy it at a very attractive price and arrange it on your own, create a space according to your taste and needs.

The standard equipment of the house includes:

  • Steel structure on 4 wheels and 4 adjustable supports, protected against corrosion
  • Retractable drawbar
  • The floor, roof and walls are insulated with insulating material with a very good heat transfer coefficient 0031-0033
  • PVC Active Plus Therm windows, double glazing, 1-sided color, frame thickness 80mm
  • New Design facade
  • Retractable gutters
  • Air conditioning with heating function (air heat pump)
  • Electrical installations with LED lighting
  • Plumbing installations (water, internal sewage, boiler)
  • Antenna installation (terrestrial TV + satellite)
  • Fully equipped bathroom (shower, washbasin, faucets, washbasin cabinet, mirror cabinet, built-in toilet
  • Panels or carpet on the floor
  • Smooth, washable internal walls
  • interior doors

Additional information

Weight 7 kg


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